Chapter Vision Prayer

Date: 04 Apr 2018

Sharing in our Chapter Vision Prayer


“Christ joins to Himself' the entire community of humankind in his priesthood. As a faith-community we, Presentation Brothers, unite ourselves with the praying Christ. It is he through his Spirit who prays in us. We see this made possible to the highest degree through our sharing in the Eucharistic Sacrifice in which we participate daily. We continue this participation in our common observance, morning and evening, of the Liturgy of the Hours, the unifying prayer of the Church which flows from and returns to the Eucharistic celebration.” (Con. 37).


The words used to express prayer in Scripture are: to call up (Genesis 4:26); to intercede (Job 22:10); to mediate (Isaiah 53:10); to consult (1 Samuel 28:6); to beseech (Exodus 32:11); and, very commonly, to cry out to. The Fathers speak of prayer as the elevation of the mind and heart to God with a view of developing a relationship with Him.


Prayer is, therefore, the expression of our desires to God whether for ourselves or others. This expression is not intended to instruct or direct God what to do, but to appeal to His goodness for the things we need; and the appeal is necessary, not because He is ignorant of our needs or sentiments, but to give definite form to our desires, to concentrate our whole attention on what we have to recommend to Him, to help us appreciate our close personal relation with Him. The expression need not be external or vocal; internal or mental is sufficient.

Our community life and our individual lives are nourished by this spirit of prayer. Our Chapter Vision Prayer is inspired by Mary’s Presentation in the Temple and Mary accepted as temple of the Lord.We therefore, share our Chapter Vision Prayer with all the Presentation Family, friends and family as we unite in prayer on the journey of life, together as pilgrims with the compassionate Christin an evolving world.

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