Br Theiva's Renewal of vows

Date: 12 Jun 2018

Br Theiventhran Sebastiyampillai, better known as Br. Theiva, renewed his temporary vows for another year on Saturday 2nd June 2018, in a beautiful liturgy at the International Novitiate in Killarney. 
Br. Theiva was supported by his community, the Congregation Leader, Br Francis Agoah and the Anglo-Irish Province Leader, Br Raymond Dwyer who received Br. Theiva's vows. 
The Mass was celebrated by Fr. Charles, a Priest from the diocese of Kandy in Sri Lanka and studying with Br. Theiva at Maynooth. Br. Theiva is the first Sri Lankan Presentation Brothers and this is his fourth renewal of his temporary vows. 
We congratulate him as he continues his journey of Religious Life and pray God's blessings guidance in his professional development at the university.
"Although each Brother bears responsibility for his continued development, proper formation into the Presentation way of life and ministry depends upon the example and inspiration of every Brother. Each Brother, and above all the local community, is involved in the formation of the younger members. Personal guidance, spiritual direction, proper instruction, apostolic activity and the experience of community life are the integrating elements. An atmosphere of trust, mutual concern, freedom and understanding are essential to this formation." (Con. 78)
After initial formation in the novitiate, a Brother professes temporary vows, which is renewed annually for six years, after which he professes perpetual vows in the Congregation.
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